Writers Block!!

OMG!!! This is like a huge white elephant in the middle of my living room. I have been trying to write a book for about 6 months now and as you can see I need to vent!!

I think I am the only one who needs help but as I have learned thru talking to others who are very artistic. This is a problem that constantly plagues them when they are under a dead line.

Well I am here to vent and listen to what others have to say-I for one have many dead lines and have not missed them but this one in particular is beginning to really grind my gears. LMAO

An ah ha moment would be nice or even something out of the ordinary. I wish upon a star and still I am here behind and frustrated! Have you been feeling this way also-I find a glass of wine or perhaps two will soothe my weary soul but alas not for now.

I fear this may become the first time I do not make my deadline-Aah the dead line the impervious stone wall we become friends with to just see if it will move an inch.

I really am doing nothing but wondering across the paper as if to see if anything will stick. LOL I find that words are just not flowing naturally like a waterfall down the mountain side rambling from rock to rock wishing for a crevice to etched out and become stagnated-Oh I am stagnated!! Stuck between a rock and a hard spot as one might say. I have white out but that becomes the blank page again.

And again I begin hoping for a melody of some sort to reach out and touch my soul as if to say here I am. Play me to the ends of the earth as if I could play an instrument. Lol that was not to be me. I am here in front of a key board that feels more like goliath, than just a mere keyboard that whimsical tales abound.

I find that I have fallen short of giving the reader anything that he or she can use but that was all part of the act-the act of futility. I will bang my keys until something makes sense and I hope to come back and bestow upon the reader a chapter or two of a tale worth telling.

I am in hopes of high regards with little distain. Hopefully you will give me a minute of your time and your opinion so that I may make hast and make changes to what might possibly be the next great novel.

But alas I am wary and slow and have not begun to believe even the first sentence of this great novel.   I will be back to mouth off every now and again-Hope you will also-Thank you for your participation in this thing I call writers block!